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We understand this is an unprecedented time. Hopefully this will pass soon & we can all get back to business as usual. Until then, the Northern Mechanical/Plumbing Contractors Association is here to help our Members & the Unions to work together through this interesting time. Below you will find some helpful resources we have gathered from other sources.

July 22nd – Governor Walz issues mandatory face coverings executive order

Today Gov. Walz has issued an Executive Order that will require face coverings in all public spaces as well as “outdoors when it is not possible to maintain
social distancing.”

In addition to the Executive Order, the State has updated the Construction Preparedness Plan Requirements Guidance. You can find the updates on page 5 and 6 of guidance bottom of number 2, 3 & 5. The link is below.

The biggest changes are:

  • (2 very bottom) workers should maintain an adequate supply of masks during their shift for when they get dirty.
  • (3) Provide protective supplies when required
  • (5) … strongly encourage the use of non-medical face coverings at all times.


July 14th- Duluth adopts MANDATORY mask coverings for all public places

At the July 13th City Council Meeting in Duluth, the Council approved a mandatory face covering for all public areas, effective immediately. There are a few exceptions, one being ” Business owners, managers, and employees who are in an area of a business establishment that is not open to customers, patrons, or the public, provided that six feet of distance exist between persons;”

We have reached out to Arik Forsman for clarification on whether worksites would fall under this exception. Check back for updates.

Details of the Ordinance can be read on the City of Duluth page Here

Details of the fines can be found Here

*July 7th* Trump extends the PPP loans

From our friends and the PHCC- On Friday, July 3, 2020, the president signed S.4116, a bill that temporarily extends the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) through August 8. This bill moved very quickly through Congress in response to the small business program’s expiration on June 30. The PPP has been instrumental in keeping many small business contractors afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read more about the extension, click here

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*Updated June 16th* State Publishes Preparedness Plan for construction

The State posted COVID-19 Guidance for Critical Industries today, including the construction industry. Of specific interest is the attached document developed by the Department of Labor and Industry: COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Requirement Guidelines for Construction.

More information can be found on the MN Trades website.

*Updated June 10th* Today marks the first day of Phase III!

What does this mean? Follow the link to the MN State COVID page for complete details. The quick rundown is that many places can open but only if they follow certain guidelines. First, in order to open you must complete a “COVID Preparedness Plan” for your place of business. Download the Complete Preparedness Checklist to get your plan started.

This is the updated Preparedness Plan Template. It was updated by the state on 5-20 it is for bars, restaurants and all other services. It is a little more comprehensive than the previous version and some of this will not be included in our industries plan, however it would be a good one to work from.

If you need any of these documents as a Word Doc, please email me at and I would be happy to forward it on.

“Reopen” resources

Last week the Governor issued an Order to start to reopen certain businesses. This new Executive Order 20-48 allows workers in non-customer facing industrial and office settings to return to work. Since these plan need to be followed in order to return to work, below are some links to downloads we have put together that will help with getting back to work.

Reopen preparedness plan template.

Here is the Checklist for reopening

OSHA’s Guide to reopening

Loan Information

SBA loans

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) has established a loan program to assist small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses are a vital part of Minnesota’s economy and this program will provide a source of working capital to help businesses sustain operations during this challenging time. Locate details and application on the DEED website:

Paycheck Protection Program
The Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) authorizes up to $349 billion in forgivable loans to small businesses to pay their employees during the COVID-19 crisis. If employees are kept on payroll for eight weeks, the SBA will forgive the portion of your loan used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest and utilities. Loans can be up to $10 million and up to 100 percent forgivable.
Currently, small businesses and sole proprietorship can apply for and receive loans to cover their payroll and other certain expenses through existing SBA lenders.
The application has been posted on the Treasury Department’s CARES Act resource page. After you gather the information described on the application form you should contact your bank or an approved lending institution to start the application process. Find SBA approved lenders, here.
Starting April 10, 2020, independent contractors and self-employed individuals can apply for and receive loans to cover their payroll and other certain expenses through existing SBA lenders.
Entrepreneur Fund loans are available 

The Entrepreneur Fund is available as another option for emergency lending. They have loans available for various reason. You’ll find them under “economic injury.” Don’t let that title fool you, it’s not the type of injury we are use to. Find more info here

By now it’s old news, but if you would like to read Governor Waltz’s Executive Stay at Home Order, you can do so here:

For those of you still operating, please post this PDF for your employees:

From the ACHR News

Comprehensive Guide: HVAC Service Calls During COVID-19

Keeping People Safe on HVAC Service Calls. Technicians are in several homes every day. Each home is another opportunity to be exposed to coronavirus, the regular flu, a cold, or whatever happens to be the malady of the household. Since COVID–19 is super contagious, we need to think about what a tech should do to protect himself as well as the homeowner.

Read More here

Int’l Foundation Corona Virus (COVID-19)Resources

The Corona Virus/COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation, impacting organizations across North America and the world. The link below is your guide to the latest government and workplace resources, such as information on the new Family First Corona Virus Response Act, so you can help navigate your organization through this time of uncertainty. Click Here for more information
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The CDC has some great printable resources for around the shop/office Click Here

The PHCC has some great resources on their Resource Page: Click Here

MCAA also has some great material. Click Here

OSHA Health and Safety COVID information: Click Here

Below please find important information from OSHA you can pass along to your customers

We received the following information from an OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist regarding the current Coronavirus outbreak. 

Be aware that criminals are attempting to exploit COVID-19 worldwide through a variety of scams.

There have been reports of:

  • Individuals and businesses selling fake cures for COVID-19 online and engaging in other forms of fraud
  • Phishing emails from entities posing as the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Malicious websites and apps that appear to share virus-related information to gain and lock access to your devices until payment is received
  • Seeking donations fraudulently for illegitimate or non-existent charitable organizations
  • During these trying times, your profession continues to providing important services to our State and the Nation.

The FBI has released a public safety announcement on this issue.  PDF file attached. Additional information is available on the US Dept. of Justice web page –

Criminals will likely continue to use new methods to exploit COVID-19 worldwide.

If you think you are a victim of a scam or attempted fraud involving COVID-19, you can report it without leaving your home though a number of platforms. Go to:

·    Contact the National Center for Disaster Fraud Hotline at 866-720-5721 or via email at

·    Report it to the FBI at


The FBI Has seen an increase in Fraud during this pandemic. Below is a few resources from the FBI.

Thank you for continuing to work toward keeping the American workforce Healthy and Safe.